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May 18th, 2020 by mobiledjbizcast at 12:32 pm

This week, Rob begins the show with a reminder of how "Being Nice" is important with everything going on right now.  Katie Cabak joins Rob for a discussion about her experience in the industry, including some observations, as well as info about her online platform called "Katiecast"


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May 12th, 2020 by mobiledjbizcast at 10:45 am

So we are back after a brief hiatus due to the passing of Rob's Dad.  Rob reflects briefly about his dad and the state of how things are with COVD19.  He is joined by Chicago's Top Dawg - Howard Wallach who shares how an email to a reporter created connections that led him to conbime his passion for travel with DJ opportunities.  


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Apr 15th, 2020 by mobiledjbizcast at 6:42 pm

Rob shares his thoughts with everything going on with COVID 19 and pays props to everyone producing soe great content for mobile DJs.  Jordan Marshall shares...and shares...and shares...everything from his experience in the industry, to marketing ideas, his "Can Do attitude, incorporating personal and company branding and SO MUCH MORE!  This is an episode that is FILLED with energy, inspiration, and plenty of good nuggets.


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Apr 9th, 2020 by mobiledjbizcast at 4:47 pm

Ok when we recorded this show, we had no idea that:

  1. This was going to be Mike's 3rd time on the show
  2. That this was going to be show #33
  3. That Mike was going to put out a video that featured Rob Peters and some other DJS from around the country as a Thank You to everyone who is working hard on the front lines of COVID 19 (See the video HERE!) 

Mike chats about how his company is working through COVID 19, as well as some information about the upcoming Entertainer of The Year Competition at the DJ Expo in August!


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* DJ Expo

Apr 1st, 2020 by mobiledjbizcast at 10:31 am

With the Coronavirus interrupting our businesses, Alan Berg is our guest this week. Alan and Rob talk about things you can be doing during this time to be ready for when things improve. Alan also shares tips on how to ensure your website message can get better results for you!


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Bubble Parties Business Program

Alan Berg's 10 Proactive Things Webinar

Alan Berg's Website

Mar 25th, 2020 by mobiledjbizcast at 9:06 am

What crazy time we live in.  Sean "Big Daddy" McKee is this week's guest with a message of hope and motivation for all of us during these trying times!


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Feb 4th, 2020 by mobiledjbizcast at 11:45 pm

Rob Peters discusses his thoughts about the Super Bowl results and the Halftime Show.  This week's episode is dedicated in memory of Rob;s colleague and friend Chris Eskander who passed away last week.  Fellow Disney Geek Ron Ruth joins Rob for a discussion about the upcoming Photo Booth Expo as well as how to improve performances with "fluent WOW"


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Ron Ruth Educational Materials

Jan 28th, 2020 by mobiledjbizcast at 10:12 pm

Rob starts by talking about his experience with "flipping the script" when it comes to "tragic" world events in the wakw of the passing of NBA superstar Kobe Bryant. He also shares a couple of tips on how to maximize working with venues at their tastings and how to upsell uplighting!

Photo Booth Expo Producer Rob Savakis is our guests as we talk about the upcoming Photo Booth Expo as well as his recent acquisition of Mobile Beat.  PLUS, Rob shares a special promo code good for your passes if you purchase by 1/31/20


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Photo Booth Expo 2020

DJNTV DJ Convention 2020


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Jan 21st, 2020 by mobiledjbizcast at 8:46 pm

Join Rob Peters this month as he reveals his thoughts about National DJ Day, the NAMM Show, and talks about his New Years Resolutions.  Author and Branding Expert Laura Bull talks about her experience in the music industry, branding and the role of being an influencer as well as her picks of celebrities who have their branding and message on point.  Laura's new book "From Individual To Empire: A Guide To Building An Authentic and Powerful Brand" is now available for pre-order.


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Mobile Beat Las Vegas

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Speedquizzing Smartphone Trivia

Jan 16th, 2020 by mobiledjbizcast at 2:22 pm

The owner of Mobile Beat Magazine, Ryan Burger, joins Rob on this weeks podcast to talk about their 20 + year friendship as well as take you through the schedule for Mobile Beat Las Vegas 24 on March 16th -19th, 2020 at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas.  It's Ryan's last hurrah so he shares his favorite moments and memories!

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Mobile Beat Las Vegas


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